2008 Suzuki Pro Street NOS Hayabusa & GSXR 1000 Super Sport - Owned by Jeremy R. Teasley

Looking at this 17-year-old young man, you would never guess the kind of records he has already accomplished in his short lifetime. The owner of these race bikes is Jeremy R. Teasley, a 17-year-old senior at Central Crossing High school in Grove City. Jeremy is a Columbus native with nitrous running through his veins. His motto: “Hometown kid just beating the odds.”

Jeremy has deep roots in Columbus starting with his father James Teasley, a multi-time word drag race champion, along with his grandfather, a local newies hometown hero. Even Jeremy’s two brothers Brandon, the current ET street champion, and Cameron, who just turned 13 and is ready to follow in his big brothers footsteps, are tearing up the tracks as soon as they sit on a bike.

Jeremy’s Suzuki race bikes are custom built by his only sponsor, MSP (Maximum Street Performance) of Heath, Ohio. Jeremy started racing at 15 on the AMA circuit and has already won 11 national events. He has the #1 plate in Real Street for 2008 and set the national record 5 times. He also holds the #2 plate in Super Sport 1000 in 2008, while being the current record holder of the eight and quarter mile in this class. Just to show you how much nitrous is in his blood, he holds the current Worlds Fastest Pro Street NOS record. For those of you who watch TV, he was also a Pinks all-out finalist and episode champion.

Jeremy is looking forward to the 2009 season racing his MSP custom built Suzuki Pro Street NOS Hayabusa, along with his GSXR 1000 super sport motorcycles. For most people, running a 7 to 8 second ¼ mile would never be possible, but for Jeremy, it is an everyday job. In the future, when you hear the name Teasley on the street or track, it would be a safe bet to expect a win going to this young star on the rise.