2008 Audi R8 - Owned by Delores Snider

During the last super bowl, Audi introduced their new supercar, the R8. It was love at first sight! A subsequent visit to the Detroit Auto Show to actually see the car cemented my feelings. You have to understand that the Sniders love their cars. We eat, drink and sleep cars, and when something totally new like the R8 comes along, we dive right in and find out all the info we can about it.

The Audi R8 comes with their reworked 4.2-liter V-8, putting out 420 horsepower at 7,800rpm. It will get you from 0-60 in about 4 seconds and top out around 185 mph! The V-8 is mounted mid-ships and the all wheel drive and light weight (3,400 lbs) make for some slot-car like cornering.

For the ladies, the interior is very inviting, with soft, supple leather and seats that are much more supportive than your ex-husband! One word of caution: when climbing in and out of this low slung beauty, it is advisable to wear pants so as to avoid any of those embarrassing “Britney Spears” photo-ops.

After searching all over the country, we finally located our R8 in Dallas. With only 200 of these cars built, there wasn’t any haggling over price, color or options. Luckily, this car was my favorite color and was optioned to the hilt. We had it transported to Columbus and started to “personalize” our new baby.

Our first stop was a visit to the boys at Automotive Appearance Pros on Indianola. This was to have the obligatory Mylar bra applied to all the leading surfaces. This prevents all those nasty stone chips your subject to, while driving the city’s dump truck laden freeways. They also applied the window tint. Next stop, the Wheel Medic. Brice Boley pulled the wheels and powder coated them a gorgeous glossy black, with white center caps. Brice also painted the calipers a color matching white and applied new Audi decals to them.

Thus far, the R8 has preformed flawlessly and is deserving of Automobile Magazine’s “Car of the Year” award. The car has quickly become not only a family favorite, but also a real crowd pleaser, never failing to draw onlookers when parked on the cap in front of Hyde Park.