2008 Volvo C-30 - Owned by Maxine Porter

Dear Readers,

In November of 2006, I nearly lost my life in a car accident. Because of this, my focus changed and I decided I wanted to drive a safe, comfortable and stylish car.

I started searching for something new, and got a call from Mark Geeding of Byers Volvo. He was convinced that the Volvo C-30 was for me, and so I drove to the Byers dealership the following day. Corey London and I took it for a test drive and sure enough, Mark was right when he said, "This car is for you."

The car has Atreus 7.5x18 inch diamond cut/dark gray alloy wheels, Bi-Xenon(TM) headlights and a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine with horsepower 227 @ 5,000 RPM and torque 236 @ 1,500-4,800 RPM. My particular model has the sport body kit, rear roof spoiler, Dynaudio, 650-Watt, 10-Speaker Audio System with Dolby ProLogic II Surround Sound, 3 1/2" polished sport exhaust pipes and a whiplash protection seating system (WHIPS).

Several weeks later, while driving home from work, a deer ran across the highway and hit the front hood and left side of my car. Miraculously, the car stood up to the force of the deer, the engine was not damaged and I arrived home safe. I felt no great impact from this accident and incurred no injuries.

When I arrived at Byers, Mark, Corey, and David were there to greet me. They took care of everything: the repair and service of my new car, the arrangements for a rental car and my insurance. They stayed with me and took care of all my needs.

Being able to drive my car again is a great feeling. I am a server at Morton’s Steakhouse and my theory is “I serve the best, why not drive the best?”

Drive safely,
Maxine Porter