1968 Camaro SS - Owned by Louie Lopez

All my life, I wanted a late 60's model hot rod… the kind you see on the show Pinks, where people race against each other and the loser has to give up his ride.  I've often watched this show and thought to myself: "Man, if I had one of those cars, you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands."  

The late 60's hot rods, to me, are everything the whole muscle car movement was about: big powerful engines, sexy lines, louder than hell exhausts and are just plain BAD.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would own one of these rare and much sought after automobiles… until I met Steve Malone, a local car collector and hot rod enthusiast.  He has several rare and hard-to-find cars in his possession.  I happened to be in his shop one day when I saw a beautiful1968 Camaro 396 SS sitting in the corner.  I thought, “Wow!  That is exactly what I’ve always pictured in my mind.”  I told him how much I admired the car and ironically, he told me it just came up on the market.

We got to talking and negotiating, and about three weeks later the car was sitting in my driveway.  Steve had delivered the car to me ahead of schedule as a surprise.  My jaw hit the floor, and even though it was now mine, I still couldn’t believe it.  To this day, when I look in the garage and see her sitting there, I still get chills.  

Allow me to give you a guided tour:  she has a 396 Chevy big block (that's right, big block), a holly 750 double pumper four barrel carb, a Muncie "rock crusher" four speed transmission and a 10 bolt main posi rear end with 373 gears.  The interior has been redone, the paint is new, and the car is truly a joy to drive.  She’s not perfect, and shows some signs of her 40 years on the planet.  But like most women in their 40s, the signs of her age only make her more desirable.