1971 Hemi Cuda - Owned by Barry Boyles

I’ve had a passion for cars all my life.  In fact, I’ve had over 30 years of regular contact with names like Bricklin, Ferrari, Pantera, and Corvette—all with the blessing of my loving wife Judi, who has been kind enough to put up with my incurable addiction to classic cars. 

The Hemi Cuda is the most desirable classic car today, especially the 1970 and 1971 Hemi E Bodies.  If I won the lottery, I’d spend my winnings on 1970-1971 E Body Mopars, specifically 440 six packs and Hemi Cudas.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to trade, buy and find twelve 1970 and 1971 Cudas.  I’ve gone after cars with 4 speeds and a variety of colors.  They all must have documentation, body sheets and window stickers and must be #2 cars.

The best of these E bodies was just acquired from Gregg Nelson, a friend and fellow collector in Minnesota.  This car is known among Mopar collectors as the “Holy Grail.”  The “sassy grass green” color signals it as 1 of 3 made in 1971 and is ranked as the #1 1971 Hemi Cuda.  There were only 108 hard tops and 11 convertible Hemi Cudas built in 1971 and only 80 have been found, making them one of the rarest collectible cars to date. 

The quality of this car’s restoration is the best there is, as it was done by Resto Rick, one of the top restorers in the country.  The biggest asset this car has is it’s loaded with every option that was available in 1971.

While my collection was great before, I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to own the “Holy Grail.”  To own a ’71 Hemi Cuda of all the collectible cars is really beyond my imagination.  To this I owe my collection to two people: Dave Thomas of Wendy’s and my loving wife Judi – to them both I’m truly grateful.

Major Features
Sassy Grass Green (1 of 3 in this color)
426 Hemi
4-speed transition
elastomeric bumper
354 Dana Track Pack
Ralleye instrument cluster
Power brakes
6 way adjustable
power windows
AM/FM radio with cassette
Sport stripes
Window defogger
Highest optioned 7 Cuda produced
1 of 108 hard tops produced in 1971
Only 80 known to exist