2005 Trickster 1000 - Owned by Matt Vera

I started out riding a Ducati 748 when I was 17.  Since then, I’ve owned four Suzuki GSXR’s.  I feel they are just much better stunt bikes because they are so nimble.  I credit my riding ability to long time friend and Columbus’s own riding legend Paul Dentice who took me under his wing over 7 years ago.

In the warm weather months, Columbus, Ohio swarms with all makes and models of sport bikes.  As with cars, sport bike owners try to customize their bikes to suit their own person sense of style.  As an avid stunt rider, my bike of choice is a 2005 GSXR 1000.  I chose the yellow and black bike instead of the typical blue and white Suzuki scheme because it’s more rare.  My bike is equipped with a Yoshimura Tri-oval slip-on exhaust system that was special ordered from Japan.  I wanted an exhaust no one else could get their hands on, so I got this when I was in Japan last year.  

I had the guys at MSP custom tune my bike with a Power Commander bike computer.  Some of my other accessories include frame sliders, adjustable Pazzo levers and yellow rim pin striping.  But it’s not just about customizing your bike anymore.  What really matters is how well you can ride.  Some people are into racing, and others only care to show off their bike; but everyone envies a talented stunt rider.  Stunts consist of wheelies, stoppies and burnouts.  It’s really competitive out there… almost everyone can pop a wheelie, but who can ride it the farthest?”

Let’s just say I know that Columbus’s longest wheelie record is 10 miles, and I know exactly who holds it.