2008 Big Dog Ridgeback - Owned by Louie Lopez

We wanted to reintroduce the Ridgeback for 2008. For those of you who don't know the Ridgeback, please allow me to get you familiar with her. She’s a rigid chopper, and by rigid I mean she’s got no rear suspension—right, no rear suspension! In 2005, Big Dog discontinued the model and went with a new, smaller model chopper with a softail suspension. 

Fast forward to ’08. The chopper gods have smiled on us. The Ridgeback is back and badder than ever. This time around, she sports the biggest tire Big Dog’s put on a bike yet—a 330mm in the rear. And the thrills don't stop there. The bike now has a 39-degree rake on the front end and is 9ft. long. What could possibly move such a big bike? Well, this bad baby also sports an S&S 117cci motor that puts out an unbelievable 120 horses and 135 lbs. of torque to the rear tire. Tie this in with a Baker 6-speed right side drive transmission and you get all that power and still get 40 miles to the gallon (highway). 

It must also be said that we have the very first bike to roll off the assembly line. That's right, VIN #000001! Not only is she the first; her paint job is unreal. Called Burning Benjamins, this bike is black with real flames and burning $100 bills painted on the tins. The devil’s own kitchen isn’t even this hot!

Don't let the hardtail scare you away from this amazing machine. It rides beautifully. Stop down to the Big Dog Motorcycles of Columbus and take one of the two Ridgebacks we have in stock for a test ride.