2007 Lamborghini Gallardo - Owned by Ken Snider

Ok, first things first, with mad props to all the ballerz & hip-hop artists, it's pronounced "Guy-are-dough", or, "Gee-are-do", depending on which brand of Italian you like.
That said, this is my third Gallardo.  My first was a sweet '04 yellow six-speed, with a penchant for burning up clutches.  My second was an '06 Blue E-Gear—suffice to say, it was snake-bit from the beginning and we parted ways quickly.  This brings me to the third and present Lamborghini, an '07 Gallardo in Verde Green (or "Screaming Green" as we like to call it).  The refinements to this year’s model are quite apparent.  The car is equipped with a mid-ship, fuel-injected V-10 that’s mounted to the e-gear transmission, which is delivering about 510 HP through the all-wheel drive train system.
To make the Gallardo a bit more individualized, we took it to Dave at Automotive Appearance Pros for the obligatory 3M Mylar Bra.  DO NOT have an exotic car without one of these inexpensive pieces of protection; it's no fun paying 3k to repaint an entire hood for one stone chip!  Dave also tinted the windows.  Next, we made a trip to see Brice at The Wheel Medic.  We had the stock wheels disassembled, powder coated satin black and baked.  Brice also removed the brake calipers and painted them to match the car and had new Lambo decals made.  Aaron from the Speed Factory did the fuel management system and is in the process of installing a Fab-Speed, high flo cat and mufflers.  This is claimed to add 30 more HP at the wheels.  Also, for a bit of fun, we threw away the stock horns that the DOT makes Lambo install and put on a set of Italian horns—the way God intended!!