1999 Dodge Viper GTS - Owned by Chad Grahovak

Why the Viper?  I fell in love with the car when my orthodontist John Grady, bought one of the first cars in Pennsylvania back in ‘94.  It was a Yellow RT/10.  I used to wash and wax it every day.  It was my motivation to grow up and be successful.  John even used to let me drive the car to high school.  I always told him that someday I would have one of my own. 

I bought my first Viper when I was 25.  I’ve since owned seven, but never one longer than a year or so.  This particular car is the most sought-after year because of the 708 cam and power mirror option.  This was the last year these cars had forged pistons.  A forged car can be easily taken up to 800hp with a blower.  In the following year, they changed the car to cast internals, removed the cam…and the car became known as a “cream puff”.  Any Viper guy will tell you that if you want to buy a Viper and take it to the next level, the ‘99 is the only way to go.  This car is for sale as we speak.  There’s nothing like the torque of a V-10.  The best part about this car—you can hear it comin’ a mile away.

MODS:  Borla Full Exhaust (no cats) with O2 Sims; Belanger Headers; B&M Ripper Shifter; HRE 546 Wheels; K&N Intake, 708 Hot Cam, MSD Voltage Booster, VEC2 Computer.
STATS:  500HP, 496 Torque, 5500 Miles
1/4mile:  12.0