2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Megacab 4x4 Dually Laramie 6-Speed - Owned by Dave Wiggins

Since we’re in our final month of winter, we thought a truck feature would be tight. When we found this truck, we nearly fainted.  The full specs on this insane truck are so lengthy that they took up four typed pages.  Here’s the winzip version.

ATS Twin Turbos, Fire Ring Head Gasket, Head Studs, Arctic Flow
AFE Stage 2 Intake
F1 Diesel Helix 2 Cam
900 HP in the rear
F1 Diesel Flux 3.3 Injectors
Floor-It Stage 2 CP3 Pump
Glacier Diesel Power (GDP) 392 Competition Fuel Pump
Water/Methanol Injection
South Bend Clutch 3850 Dual Disc Sprung Hub
TST CR-49 Programmer
SMARTY CR Downloader
MRBP 5" Turbo-Back Exhaust
22.5" Alcoa Wheels
Sumitomo 255/70R22.5 Tires
Road Armor Bumpers

What’s next:  A lift to heaven, new wheels and tires, 6" black exhaust stacks, an illegal sound system and nitrous.