1978 Camaro - Owned by Pete Andronis

In light of this month’s focus on Love, and since Camaro will soon unveil their newest design, we chose to feature a car and driver with a storybook past.  

Slightly used with only 54,000 original miles spent, Pete bought this 1978 Camaro from the produce provider at his work.  As it was, the produce provider’s wife had given him a “get rid of one of your cars from the backyard or she was leaving” ultimatum, so he let one of his babies go—right into Pete’s begging hands.

Pete always dreamed of having a Camaro.  It had to be black, and it had to be a ’78.  Once in his possession, he began only a few essential modifications, the first of which was the essential paint job.  With two women now in his life, Pete pleased them both by matching the car’s paint to his girlfriend’s favorite color nail polish: a discontinued Channel Black Satin.  After installing an insane sound system, the car was detailed and ready for years of cruising 23.