1956 Continental Mark II - Owned by Steve Wagner

I purchased this car about 15 years ago and it’s one of my favorite cars in my collection.  When I was a kid and these cars came out, I went wild over them.  They were the most expensive cars sold in America, by far.  They were over 60% more expensive than a high-end Cadillac and over 300% more expensive than a Corvette.  Continental was going after the high-end Rolls Royce crowd.  Many very famous people owned these cars including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, the Shah of Iran, Dwight Eisenhower and many, many others.  Of course, there were no cars like this in my little Southeastern Ohio farm county.  I only saw pictures of them in magazines.
I found this car at a car show in Indianapolis, not for sale.  This was before the Internet where you can find any kind of car you want.  I went up to the owner and told him if he ever want to sell the car I’d buy it.   He quoted me a price and I took it.  It was that simple.
It turned out he bought it from the original owner, a little old Couple in Bellville, Ohio, near Mansfield.  He had poured a lot of money into the car and made it very nice.  Since I’ve owned it, I have again poured more money into it to make it as nice as possible.  In 1956 and 1957, Lincoln only made 3,000 of these cars.  The rumor has it they lost $1,000 on every car they made because they were handmade.  The car retailed for over $10,000.
Lincoln had created a huge hit designing their classic 1946 through 1948 Lincoln models.  Their goal was to create another classic like the early Lincoln.  They definitely did it, but unfortunately didn’t make any money doing that.
Most of the cars I own I don’t know where they came from originally, but fortunately I have all the documentation since day one on this car.  I drive the car often and take it to car shows.  If you see me at a car show, come up and say hi.  It’s always fun to show off rare cars.