1975 Harley Sportster - Owned by Matt Marshall

When I was in high school, I always dreamed of owning a motorcycle.  When I found out my cousin had a 1975 Harley Davidson Sportster for sale, I had no problem going to Pennsylvania to pick it up.  I rode the bike for two years before the generator went out.   I did not have the money to fix it, so the bike sat in a garage collecting dust for the next 7 years.

I started to restore the bike in 2005.  Though it’s small, it has always been a fun bike to ride.  I raked the front end and put on a 21” front tire.  I also changed the back drum brakes to disc, put on a custom headlight and lowered the taillight, which has the license plate in it.  We took the whole bike apart and painted the frame and engine.  The paint I used was all candy colors and ghost images, and at different angles you can see the Joker.  The bike looks like a custom bike with an old look.  I love that it has a 1975 feel with a 2009 spin.

What I love most about the bike, however, is that I still have to kick start it, despite all the mods we did.  The 2.5 years that it took to finish was well worth it.  I could not have done all of this without the help of Wolf Metals.  Jim Wolf is like a dad to me.  Without his help, as well as Rock’s (works at Wolf Metals), this would not have happened.

I just wish you could hear how this powerful machine sounds!