1966 Plymouth Sports Fury - Owned by James Shackelford

Meet the 1966 Plymouth Sports Fury with a 383 4bbl commando.  A survivor car. Every classic car owner can tell you some unique story about their car and how it came to be.  This one is no different.
Since my early teens, I always wanted a muscle car from the 60s.  My father, who was always adamantly opposed to the idea, spotted this car in a yard. Now, he believed that 30-year-old cars were money pits: unreliable, costly to repair with hard-to-find parts and mechanics.  For some reason, this one was different.  He told me where the car was, helped me negotiate the price and made up the difference with what I couldn’t afford.
This is basically how the car looked in 1995 when I bought it.  Original interior and exterior from 1966.  Engine has matching numbers.  The fender skirts are off to show the only change from 1966, which are the “muscle car” rims.  The custom solid oak trunk stereo system was installed without drilling or altering the Plymouth’s original integrity.
When you think muscle cars from the 60s, The Plymouth Sport Fury does not usually come to mind. So over the years, I have attended many auctions and car swaps, bought and sold “true” muscle cars.
Fourteen years later,  I still have this car.