2007 BMW - Owned by Emily Wiggins

Ever since I was young, I’ve never liked the “typical girl things.”  When most girls were playing with dolls, I was sitting in my parents’ car, pretending to drive and shifting my bicycle as if it were a manual transmission.  Gasoline runs through my blood; I know that it’s why my husband married me!

Naturally, the prospect of me driving any sort of “girly” car was out of the question. Instead, I wanted a masculine, sexy, GT (Grand Tourer) that would be as comfortable around town as it would at 180 MPH.  The choice was easy, the BMW M6.  To stick with the GT theme, I went with the Black Sapphire Metallic exterior over Portland Brown Interior with Carbon Fibre trim–an all black interior to me is “played out.”

I’m just getting started with the modifications, but so far, I’ve had the windows tinted and the front kidney and side grilles painted to match the exterior.  I recently installed 20” HRE 597R rims onto the car (9” wide fronts and 11” wide rears) with Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires.  The list of modifications still to be done is quite extensive but will become much shorter when I’m finished with graduate school and have more time to focus on my car.  The list includes: a new suspension (lowering the car about 2”), new brakes, a custom straight-pipe exhaust system (in black), blacking out
all of the marker lights, taillights, and lenses, as well as a twin-turbo system (I need to keep pace with my husband’s twin-turbo Murciélago!).

After that, some aerodynamic components will probably be installed and perhaps some more carbon fibre for the interior.  The BMW is a work is progress but that is half the fun, the other half is enjoying the result!