1999 R34 Skyline V-Spec - Owned by Jon Ricker

My sons and I have always had rather eclectic tastes in automobiles, and this R34 Skyline from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious is a great example. To American car buffs, the Nissan Skyline supercar was a mythical legend, as few were exported by Nissan outside of Japan (the new GTR35, out last year, was the first on the U.S. market). The R34 Skyline is a right-hand-drive, twin turbo-charged, all-wheel-drive/all-wheel-steering, 6-speed coupe powered by Nissan’s legendary RB26 double overhead cam engine (factory 9000 RPM red line!). The car’s much-touted advanced-computer-control system is so sophisticated that it can make a decent driver look like F1’s Michael Schumacher on a road course! In fact, it handles and performs so well that the movie transportation coordinators had to actually remove the front drive shaft (making it only rear wheel drive) in order for it to drift, skid and burn rubber for the desired effects in the racing scenes.

Custom “House of Colors” paint, complete graphics package, full body kit and carbon fiber wing were added. A full lowered racing suspension (including coil-over shocks, bigger brakes, software modifications and HRE wheels with Toyo low profile tires) were installed for better handling. The drive train was radically tweaked as well. The engine, clutch and transmission were completely race-built by RB in California (THE Skyline racing experts in the U.S. at the time). Using the race fuel tune on the AEM engine management system, this car produced 662 horsepower at the wheels on the all-wheel dyno without using the nitrous oxide. Pushing the buttons on the two-stage nitrous and intercooler spray system takes the performance from “scary-fast” to “absolutely insane.” A racing fuel cell and fuel delivery system replaced the standard parts, and an exhaust flamethrower system was installed in the trunk specifically for the launch scene at the beginning of the race.

The interior was heavily customized including Sparco racing seats, harnesses and steering wheel; blue and gray alcantara fabric; a roll cage; three 20-pound carbon fiber NOS tanks and interior mounting bed; custom nitrous performance control system; ultra high-end audio gear; and all of those blue neon tubes that you saw in the film.