Mike Sorboro - Classic

At 28-years-old, Mike Sorboro has accomplished more than most twice his age. He’s lived in Key West, Las Vegas, Texas and California, he worked as a DJ for years and he owns the ECT Pedicab business in the Short North. His latest venture is Late Night Slice: a storage shed turned takeout stand in a modest parking lot just south of Bodega that serves $3 slices of pizza from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. The late night crowd noshes on his slices, while movies like Airplane and Dumb and Dumber are projected onto a neighboring white-brick wall.

Sorboro used the brilliantly simple business plan that’s become popular in Columbus: find something the city lacks that is commonplace in major cities, bring it here and sit back as it takes off.

“Honestly, we’d eaten White Castle one too many times,” he says. “I was like, ‘we need pizza,’ and this shack—it was just sitting here rotting and getting tagged every other weekend.”

Even with absolutely no advertising except a Facebook fan page, people took notice of the strange new tenant in the parking lot.  Business was slow when Sorboro first opened in early July, but it wasn’t long before Late Night Slice gained a following due to the buzz among Short North Residents.

Sorboro’s twenties have been entirely nontraditional—not graduating college, DJing in Vegas, starting two innovative businesses—so appropriately, his apartment, which gazes over the lot, is a bit different. Formerly an old ballroom, it’s been converted to an apartment, but it’s really just one big room with 24-foot ceilings that he shares with two roommates, one who manages ECT Pedicab—imagine what business conferences are like for those two.

Keep an eye out for Sorboro’s next project—this Columbus entrepreneur is young, creative and perhaps a bit restless.  There’s no doubt he’ll try and figure out what the Short North needs next before it even knows what it’s missing.  He’s not one to let any obstacle get in the way.

 “I like to subscribe to the ‘act first, apologize later’ mantra,” he says.