Katherine DePizzo - Tween Queen

Instilled with a strong sense of purpose and a drive for success by her family, Katherine DePizzo always knew that she was going to be successful at something, but nobody would have really guessed fashion design would be her forte while she was growing up.

“I was kind of a tomboy,” DePizzo says. “I did really get into the whole mixing and matching and putting together of outfits, but I was really more interested in other things when I was younger.”

Now her days are filled with finding the next idea for Justice, a clothing line for young girls, and following every step of the process to bring her vision to the racks of stores around the country. DePizzo travels the globe to places like Japan and China to try and seek out new ideas and inspirations that she can bring back home with her. From that point on, it takes a lot of people to transform that inspiration into a tangible product.

“People don’t understand how hard the fashion industry really can be,” DePizzo says. “It’s such a long and involved process that wouldn’t be possible without a group of people like I have. It’s not just glamour and runway shows.”

After living in Columbus for most of her life, DePizzo has managed to stay in Columbus while working for brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Dr. Mojoe. Though it wasn’t completely planned that way, she still loves it here. Since moving to Justice, she’s felt like there is just something a little bit better about designing clothes for young girls.

“I was just at Disney World last week, and I saw a big group of little girls wearing the new Justice clothing line from head-to-toe,” DePizzo says. “It’s always great to see what you’ve worked on out in the real world.”

For more information on Justice go to www.shopjustice.com