Sebastien Large - Five-to-Life

Sebastien Large left his home in the south of France to pursue a modeling career in southern California five years ago. He made his mark on local ads and magazines in Los Angeles, was the face of several clothing lines and even gave acting a shot—but when the opportunity arose to launch a luxury clothing line in the Midwest, the self-proclaimed clothing entrepreneur decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and left the west coast for Columbus. Here, he connected with co-founders David Ransbottom and Gabrielle Renoir to make a shared vision of a unique clothing line a reality, and their line, Criminal Creations, was born.

Large is the marketing director and a co-founder, but his background has made him the perfect in-house candidate to model Criminal Creations’ men’s line. His duties don’t end at promotion and modeling, though. “I try to represent the line wherever I go,” he says.

The three-member team describes the line as “urban streetwear,” but Large wants it to encompass more. “We don’t want to fall under any stereotype. We just want to do our own stuff, which is basically what streetwear is about.”

Criminal Creations is bold, confident and full of attitude. While still in its infancy, the future will include full men’s and women’s lines including sweaters, hoodies and dresses. Celebrities have already agreed to wear the line, and 30 high-end boutiques in the U.S., Europe and Japan will be carrying the line soon.

The line is high-end, but customers are paying for quality and creativity. Shirts are printed on the finest cotton using a silk screen process that Large says can only be completed at a printer in California. The ink in the intricate designs that wrap around the whole tee actually becomes a part of the shirt through the printing process. “It is a unique label—a unique design. It has never been done,” Large says.

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