Tom Presthus - A Different Goal

Overlooking Nationwide Arena, in the heart of the Arena District, lies the AEP energy-trading floor. Behind closed doors, desks are covered with countless monitors. Here, the furious pace of the trading floor takes on a competitive feel that closely resembles that found in the arena of sports. This might explain the draw for former Columbus Crew goalie Tom Presthus to the profession.

“It gets pretty crazy in here earlier in the day,” Presthus says. “During the rest of the day, it really kind of has the feel of a locker room.”

Presthus, who manned the net for the Crew for three years and spent time with the U.S. National Team until an injury cut his career short, always had his eyes on networking in preparation for a career after soccer. After dabbling in finances, he discovered the energy trading profession and never looked back. Now, he spends his days trading the surpluses of energies that AEP holds and analyzing data and trends to find a way to optimize the surplus. And appropriately, just like on the soccer field, he gets the most joy out of taking away from the opposition.

“I feel really great when I pull a great deal for us,” Presthus says. “When I take it away from someone else who is trying to get it, is when it feels really great.”

The job of an energy trader is a 24-hour profession that requires constant updates of information and even consultation of the many company meteorologists that are on staff. Presthus doesn’t deny that he likes looking over numbers, and he might have some nerdy tendencies, but they all equate to being better at his job.

“Every day when I’m driving into work, it has the same feel as driving into the stadium,” Presthus says. “It’s a kind of nervous excitement; it’s great.”

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