Russell Hodge - Many Hands

Russell Hodge is at his happiest when he is wearing a hard hat and has his eyes on the skeletal outline of steel and concrete which will become a performing arts center, library or another building of equal importance to the community. With his assistance in fund-raising, the dreams found in blueprints and boardrooms across the country become a reality for those in need.

“The architecture of the buildings isn’t something that I play a part in, but I really enjoy seeing everything come together,” Hodge says. “I’m a fan of great architecture, and it’s nice seeing the dream become a reality.”

From their offices in Dublin, the Hodge Group has helped raise funds to create buildings, fight disease, help the less fortunate and almost anything else that could use a push in fund-raising. With roots in political fund-raising, Hodge’s experience spans over two decades; his passion for philanthropy was initially ignited working with the late Wendy’s owner, Dave Thomas.

“He really set an example of what could be done with the power of philanthropy,” Hodge says. “I really felt like I had a responsibility to make a difference in the community.”

According to Hodge, 80 percent of American philanthropic donations comes from individual donors, which makes it important to get the message out for any kind of campaign to the public as a whole. Even in today’s economic climate, people continue to give, but want to send a message more than ever through their giving.

“As we are getting close to December, the time when most people give the most, it’s really important that they give more than ever this year as the charities and causes need it more than ever,” Hodge reaffirms.

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