Jessika Ferm - Firm Coach

Jessika Ferm was intent on landing a job that would put her in a coaching position while attending several universities, fulfilling degree and certification requirements in coaching and business. It wasn’t until a late evening phone call that she realized what specific group she could be the most effective with. 

“I was on the phone with a CEO and telling him exactly what he needed to hear, and he didn’t like it,” Ferm says. “My husband asked me how I could put up with it, and it just kind of hit me that this was what I was cut out for.”

In 2002, she decided to create J. Ferm, a business that specifically catered to executive coaching and comprehensive leadership skills. Since its inception, the company has done tremendously well and opened offices in Columbus, Boston and, most recently, Sweden. J. Ferm works primarily with executives that have business sense and success, but need a little help with people skills.

“Most of my clients are people who have been wildly successful in business, but just don’t really know how to deal with people,” Ferm says. “What they really need is for someone to be completely and brutally honest with them about what they need to change.”

Ferm describes the coaching process as being anything but cuddly and touchy-feely, like many people associate with a counseling or coaching session. She identifies what is holding them back or what they lack in leadership skills, and lets them know. The process can be tough, but it is highly effective in the end.

“I think it comes naturally to me to be so honest,” Ferm says. “It is rewarding to be able to help people excel with that clarity and honesty.”

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