Mike Firozian - A Fortunate Fit

Beneath the bright lights of a professional stadium, seconds can separate the difference between a goal or a concussion; a 3-point buzzer beater or an elbow to the face; an amazing catch, instead of a broken leg. Athletes are always looking for an edge to get ahead, but most don’t think to look for that extra advantage in their choice of mouth protection—at least not until recently.   

“People are always really surprised at how much of a difference it makes,” Dr. Mike Firouzian says. “We will do a test to simulate the effects of the mouthguard and patients will feel almost instant results.”

Firouzian is one of the few dentists in Ohio who is able to fit the Pure Power Mouthguard. Rows of plaques and degrees line the walls of his Worthington office.  His education as a neuromuscular dentist—a school of dentistry that focuses on fixing miss-alignment of the lower jaw to correct issues such as migraines—qualifies him to fit patients for the celebrated mouthguard.
“The Pure Power Mouthguard optimizes neuromuscular harmony,” Firouzian says. “It brings the jaw forward to open the airway and release tension in the jaw joints, leaving more room for oxygen.”
Firouzian has fit many local high school athletes with the mouthguard who have seen increased success on the field, mirroring what professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neal have experienced when they switched over. Originally designed to help ease the headaches of a hockey player with jaw issues, the Pure Power Mouthguard was designed with the patient’s overall health in mind—increased performance was merely a bonus.

Firouzian, who always empathizes with the patient, has similarly found an unexpected bonus in his own career.  “All of the plaques and degrees I have on my wall, they are where I started out in dentistry,” Firouzian says. “But my education really started with my patients.”