George Kauffman - Pride & Passion

George Kauffman’s future career started on the couch of his grandfather’s office on the weekends when he was little. George Kauffman used to tag along with his grandfather at the Broad Street Byer’s Chevrolet watching him talk business, sell cars and wander the lot. Just like his family has been for over 100-years, he’s always seemed to be around cars in one way or another. So much so that he used to think his grandfather actually owned Chevrolet and not just a dealership.


“I couldn’t tell the difference between owing a dealership and the whole company when I was a kid,” Kauffman says. “I just knew I wanted to be like him and do what he did.”


Now, after working his way up through Byers from summers as a lot-boy lugging a hose across the scorching asphalt, to putting in countless hours on the sales floor, Kauffman knows every facet of the business. He now has an office right down the road from his grandfather, his aunt and his cousin. It’s the fact that Byer’s is a family business that drives his passion.


“I think it’s really the passion that we have for working in the family business that makes us do so well,” Kauffman says. “I know that it makes me feel a certain responsibility and take a little more pride in my job.”


Kauffman, who was never a huge gear-head, took more naturally to the advertising and online sales aspect of Byer’s. For over 10-years he’s been bringing them into the new landscape of the automotive sales market. He manages Byer’s site and makes sure that all the information is there for the prospective Internet window-shoppers.


“Having some kind of presence on the Internet is a must for companies nowadays,” Kauffman says. “If you don’t have it, you’re missing major opportunity.”


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