Matt Williams - In the Details

Matt Williams’ initial love for cars started at an early age when he and his dad used to work on an old ’56 Ford truck together. “I’ve always been a car guy, and I like working on my own things,” Williams says. He has a spirited appreciation towards people, cars and working outdoors. So, it all made perfect sense to create a business and incorporate all three of his underlying passions.

The result: Silver Lining Detail, a full-service mobile auto detailing company. Remember our Ride 23 features? One thing you instantly notice is the sparkle and shine of the cars and the Silver Lining Detail team deserves all the credit. Since 2005, Williams has made it his mission to provide the ultimate convenient car detailing company by allowing all services to be mobile. They go to offices, homes and businesses and detail your car right on sight. They use the best, modern products and proper techniques to assure a high quality car service like no other.

“Our attribute is that we can save our clients time,” William says. “And for a lot of these people, time is money.” Keeping your car in good overall condition is smart because it’s probably one of the biggest investments you have next to your house. Especially if there are any plans to sell your vehicle in the future, a pristine car will help to avoid a depreciated value. A clean, polished car will sell for an average of 10 percent more than the same car that’s filthy.

“It only makes sense to maintain something like that when you’re spending that kind of money,” Williams says.

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