Paul Milligan - Strong Words

Watching the speedometer move further and further from the left to the right until it was flirting with 180 mph was what did it for Paul Milligan. He sat in the passenger seat for what would be his first ride in a Lamborghini and what would make him want to get behind the wheel of an exotic car any chance he could in the future. It was a rush that left him waiting for more.


“Getting up to a speed like that was more exhilarating than riding a roller coaster,” Milligan says. “When I got out of the car, I was shaking. It was so crazy. You never realize what a speed like that feels like until you actually go through it.”


Milligan, who used to do work for Midwest Auto Group doing video work, which was one of the biggest dealers of Lamborghinis in the country, was always connected to people who owned Porsches and Lamborghinis in central Ohio. He realized there were enough people in the area to start a club where aficionados could meet up every so often to show off their cars and swap stories. So, he started his group, Columbus Cars and Coffee.


“It’s a chance for everyone to get together and get their car out and have a great time,” Milligan says. “When you have something like that you want to get it out on the road and show it off.”


Columbus Cars and Coffee has been known to take over parking lots and attract a lot of attention during their monthly get togethers. The group prides itself on not trying to pester and sell to their members through sponsors and is just in it for the fun.


“We just want to get like-minded people together to have a good time,” Milligan says. “We’re always looking for new members and add new events.”


Columbus Cars and Coffee kicks off the new season with a party at BoMA on April 16

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