Dick Stevens - Next Level

Tucked way on one of the busier streets of downtown Columbus sits a beer drinker’s paradise. In between the large, silver fermenting tanks that stand like monuments, holding the different varieties of the Elevator Brewing Company’s award winning beers, stands owner Dick Stevens in one of his most comfortable natural positions—with a beer in hand.

“If you want me to be holding a beer in the picture, you’re going to have to take it fast,” Stevens says. “Beers tend to disappear pretty quickly when they get in my hands.”
Anyone that has ever had the blissful experience that is putting down one of Stevens’ locally brewed masterpieces knows this is a pretty common occurrence.

Since Stevens started brewing, with the idea of slightly dipping into the business, his operation has expanded every year. Most recently, he moved his brewing operations from Marysville to downtown Columbus to allow easier transport to his iconic restaurant on High Street. It was his obvious passion for good beer that drew him into the brewing world.

“I love the creativity of brewing,” Stevens says. “We can do whatever we want, whatever we feel like. There are so many possibilities.”

This creativity also comes out through the labels and names of beers that Elevator distributes. Stevens finds inspiration for the names of his brews, from the Horny Goat to the award-winning Dark Horse Lager from his day-to-day. The latest beer, an American wheat ale called the Mogabe, features a cartoon version of his brewer, Vic Schiltz.

Distributing these labels on shelves throughout Columbus, though, was only a recent occurrence, as bottling started onsite at the brewery. From giving tours to expanding the output of production, Stevens has always had faith in his beer. “If I didn’t think I could take it to the next level, I don’t think I’d keep it up,” Stevens says. “I’ve always known we could get there.”

For more information on Dick Stevens and the Elevator Brewing Company go to www.elevatorbrewing.com