Brad Fisher - Fit for Finance

Thinking outside of the box has always been something that’s come naturally to Brad Fisher. He’s always been interested in finding different niches to fill with creative business ideas for making a living; the corporate trapped-inside-of-a-cubicle mentality has never had much of an appeal to him. He looks at his job as more of an adventure full of highs and lows that keep him engaged and excited for work every day. The pressures and pitfalls of entrepreneurship are no surprise.


“I’ve had some great successes and made a lot of money, and I’ve had some failures, too. It comes with the territory,” says Fisher. “I’ve been lucky that I had my finances in order in case things went wrong.”


Fisher, who owned a coffee shop in Worthington that lost sales when Starbucks opened down the street, had to file for bankruptcy. While going through the process, his lawyer was surprised to find out that Fisher wasn’t going to lose much of anything from his defunct business venture, due to the way he had structured his finances. He then realized that he could make a business out of teaching people to do the very same thing. “I’ve always been kind of intrigued with numbers and finances,” says Fisher. “I really didn’t realize how well I had put things together until things went downhill.”


With a background in financial investment, and his company Fisher Wealth Management, he was able to put together the Entrepreneur’s Dream Financial Plan, a guide to show entrepreneurs how to keep their money liquid and available so it can be used for expansion or surplus when things are slow. His plan calls for people to be more creative with their finances and not to look at things in the traditional way in every instance. He knows that when you are on your own with a business, money isn’t going to be coming like a weekly paycheck at an office, but the rewards for working for yourself and the eventual payoff far outweigh any other work environment.


“I would rather try and fail over and over again than sit inside an office somewhere and do the same old job,” says Fisher. “I just love the thrill of it.”


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