Brooke Valantasis - Modern Glow

Florida native Brooke Valantasis has always kept a well-maintained tan. That is, until she moved to Ohio and found herself searching for a way to discover it again. Only this time, she opted for a better, healthier way to keep her bronzed glow and help others achieve it as well. By creating Modernized Skin, a mobile spray-tanning business, she is able to give people a quick, beautiful tan, but more importantly, a safe and healthy one. 

“This is such a safer alternative to the tanning bed,” Valantasis says. “It’s FDA approved and there are no dangerous side effects.” 

By being mobile, she is able to travel to locations that are most convenient to her clientele. 

“I do everything from parties and events to house calls,” Valantasis says. 

The mist is an all-organic, anti-aging, vitamin-based formula that hydrates the skin and creates a subtle tan. 
The color will last up to ten days when properly cared for, and there are different levels of color to choose from depending upon your skin tone. Since this spraying technique is customized to fit you and your skin’s needs, 
you have no chance of becoming streaky and discolored. 
So, the result is a nice, natural color.

“It’s like an art,” Valantasis says. “I even things out and shade things in so there are no uneven tones.” And in efforts to educate her clients on what seems to be the “sprays vs. rays” controversy, she provides them with general information and guidance in hopes of disproving all of the spray tanning myths and teaching how it’s simply the healthiest way to receive a tan. 

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