Voodoo Denim Lounge - Fashion DNA

There’s no question about it, Americans have an endearing love for denim. It has become a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe and is possibly the most robust, versatile clothing item ever made. 


By staying current with this hot topic, Cindy Zafar, Kim Hughes and Kevin Van Order bring to us an edgy rock and roll-infused boutique, Voodoo Denim Lounge. This funky, hip new place evolved just in time for Columbus jean-goers to feed their denim desires. 


“It was perfect timing,” Zafar says. “Everything just 

seemed right.” 


With plenty of knowledge about retail, customer satisfaction and sharing a mutual love for fashion, particularly denim, these three instantly hit it off and created the ultimate destination denim store in Columbus. 


“Denim is a lifestyle, and it doesn’t really know an age,” 

Van Order says. “And that’s our demographic. We will work with anyone who wants to walk in here and we’ll give them the best feeling when they walk out.” 


Another beautiful truth behind the creation is that the three of them manage everything from the design and location to the type of apparel they carry. They also provide additional services such as outside alterations and custom hemming. 


“We’re very hands-on,” Hughes says. “It’s like a family.” 


Voodoo has an assortment of men and women’s premium denim with designers like Diesel, William Rast, Privacy and Citizen. What’s more is that although the boutique’s forte is denim, it boasts an assortment of accessories and apparel versatile enough to fit any day or evening wear. 


“That’s our key; it’s one-stop shopping. We have a little bit 

of everything,” Van Order says. 


For more information visit www.voodoolounge.com