Blaine Wilson - Raising the Bar

Blaine Wilson. You know, the three-time Olympian, silver medalist and five-time national champion? Yes, that one, and he is back to his alma mater to make a career out of what he loves the most, gymnastics. He currently coaches at The Ohio State University, and to up the bar, he also owns his own gym right in the heart of his hometown. 

Integrity Gymnastics is 30,000 square feet of standing gym space full of mats, bars, beams and all-out fun for anyone willing to try. Wilson took over Integrity about a year and half ago and he says his goal is to increase the number of those in the gym and the amount kids wanting to do gymnastics. With numbers around 800, Wilson hopes to have close to 2,000 kids in future years, a goal we have no doubt he will accomplish. 
Wilson has been on both sides of the mat. From competitor to coach, he can say, “As a coach, you no longer have control on what goes on.” And, he admits to closing his eyes from time to time and hoping that his kids hit their stunt. 

“There is a certain fear for this sport of not knowing whether or not you can do it. That’s why you have coaches,” he adds. 
Integrity is such a family-oriented place, and Wilson wants everyone involved to feel comfortable and to have fun with what they are doing. With classes offered like “Mommy and Me,” it gives kids the opportunity to get started early and pick up on such a great sport and have adults enjoy the gym, too. “Where else can you go and feel like a kid, other than in the gym?” 
Coming back to Columbus was no question for Wilson.  Competing on such a successful set of Olympic teams, and winning the NCAA tournament in 1996, Wilson knew this was just where he needed to be. After being offered an assistant position in the Buckeye gym and getting to work back in the gym where he spent his college days, he says, “It pays to be a Buckeye.”
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