Tedd Cookerly - Daily Grind

Since he wrapped his hands around the trucks of his first shaky hand-me-down gift of a skateboard in the late ‘70s, Tedd Cookerly could see the potential for greatness in every step or hill in Southern California. From that point on, the love affair was in full effect, and he has tried to spread his drive and creativity in every way to the culture he grew up with by helping it thrive in Columbus and beyond, whether it be making his own boards, putting together an epic skate competition, or just hanging around with kids at the Powell skate park.

“I’ve seen some really, really talented kids skating around Columbus since I’ve been here,” Cookerly says. “It’s been great to kind of see them grow up and get them out there to compete and let people see what we’ve got here.”

After a move to Columbus, a brief hiatus from skating for his band, and then being nudged back into skating professionally, Cookerly has noticed a burgeoning skate culture in Columbus and the Midwest that has gone unnoticed by most of the skate world. If not from spreading the word on his pilgrimages to California, it’s been by co-founding the “for us, by us” Resident Skateboards and putting a team together to compete. 

Because of what he’s done in his time in Columbus, the Arnold Classic came to Cookerly and his friends to try and put together a skating competition and demonstration that they’d struggled to organize in previous years. Hence, the first-annual “Cowtown Showdown” was born at the Arnold Classic last year to great success as 2,500 spectators were able to take in the competition, and Cookerly was able to bring in professional skaters from his sponsor, Blueprint Skateboards, to come out and do a demo for the showdown. 

“It just shows that pro skaters care about Columbus and the Midwest,” Cookerly says. “This year, it’s going to be even bigger, and five years down the road, it’s going to be a monster. It’s going to be the biggest skate contest in the Midwest, no doubt.” 

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