Karen Davis - An Eye for Everything

The daily grind on the job for most people isn’t usually filled with escorting circus elephants into an arena, or dealing with the newest mixed martial arts star who’s been routinely crushing his opponents inside the octagon—but is surprisingly polite and articulate in person. Karen Davis has promoted everything from rock concerts to pro-bull riding in the confines of Nationwide Arena since it opened its doors in 2000, and every day brings a new set of surprises.

“I can remember doing a media day for a monkey that rides a dog,” Davis says. “It was something that got everyone interested in the event, which was my job, which is, to say the least, a unique one.”

Davis, who admits to never having a “normal” job, came over from Joe Louis Arena in Detroit to Columbus when she saw the opportunity to be a part of opening up a new building, which is something rare in her profession. After working her way up into a job with the Detroit Red Wings, she saw an opportunity to do the same in Columbus with the Blue Jackets, but her duties also included everything and anything to do with what was happening in the building.
“It’s been great to really be here since the beginning and see everything happen,” Davis says. “Being here for the first night was something special. It doesn’t come often.”

Recently, with the joint partnership between Nationwide Arena and Ohio State, her job duties have changed to exclusively working with the Blue Jackets players and dealing with everything the team does in the community that doesn’t happen on the ice. She works with the team on a daily basis in Columbus with groups, like the Book Jackets and Hat’s for Heroes, to show people how ingrained the team is in the fabric of the community. For the last 10 years, Davis’s job has always been getting people into Nationwide Arena, and most have been through the gates.

“You would think that after 10 years everyone in town would have come to Nationwide Arena for one reason or another,” Davis says. “There are still some people out there in Columbus that haven’t been here, and it’s my job to try and get them here for a game or show sometime.”

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