Matt Maglicic - Fitness First

Up until a couple years ago, Maglicic was working as a national sales manager for a plastics company when he decided to change his life and do something that he had a bit more passion for. He had always had an interest in the science of the human body. In fact, it went all the way back to his middle-school science-fair entry. So, he gave up the corporate office life and got certified as a personal trainer, researching devices and methods to utilize in his weight-loss program that would eventually become The New You. 
“I try to ultimately help people understand why they’re struggling with their weight and why rapid weight-loss diets are not healthy,” says Maglicic. “It’s really a program to help people know what to do to manage their weight long term.”

Every aspect of his program is aimed towards maintaining this weight after the twelve weeks are over, from nutritionists to life coaches who might help you deal with the speed bumps. The emphasis is on trying to burn off body fat and not to lose the lean body mass. There are no packaged meals, and there is no easy fix; it’s your own healthier personal and realistic biggest loser reality show.

“In the end, it’s really up to the person,” says Maglicic. “I can tell them what they need to do, track their progress, get them on the right path, but I can’t be there when they order something off the menu or hit the snooze button again in the morning. That’s why The New You is about the long term, not the quick fix.”    

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