Andrew Cluck - Dashboard DJ

There are two kinds of people on the road – the ones who play it at a safe 65 mph when they see nothing but the black and yellow of asphalt in front of them, and then there are the ones who like to push that little orange speedometer needle as far to the right as it can go. Andrew Cluck is a member of the latter.

“I guess when you get that taste of speed it is kind of like a drug for people,” says Cluck. “I figured out a long time ago that I liked to drive this way and I was going to do it and enjoy it regardless the consequences.” 

Cluck turned his interest in tuning car engines from a passion to a profession when he put together Modern Horsepower (MHP) with his handpicked group and gained an impressive reputation for performance tuning in a small amount of time. In January, a Mercedes C63 AMG that was outfitted with MHP aftermarket products and tuning set a world record, further cementing the group’s reputation in the tuning world. 

“Almost everything that we do comes from word of mouth,” says Cluck. “I think our work has spoken for itself.”
The word is defiantly far-reaching, as Cluck has traveled to across the world to places like the Persian Gulf and Australia to tune car engines. His services are in demand in car-centric societies like Qatar and Kuwait, where he travels yearly to tune their respective royalties’ cars inside massive palaces alongside their collections of animals that are as exotic as their taste in cars.

Travel is one of the perks of the job; another is the people you get to meet as Cluck has tuned cars for athletes like Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard and LeBron James. These are the types of people you meet when you can tune a Bugatti to perfection.   

“When MHP started, I expected the growth and success on some levels, because I knew what we had here,” says Cluck. “I never thought it would take me all over the world like it has done so much so fast; it’s pretty crazy.”

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