John Hard - The Hot Tip

Hot sauce has come a long way since the battlefield in Korea, where it was used primarily to disguise the horrid taste of rations.  Today, hot food fanatics assemble in droves around the country, at world-class festivals and contests, in search of the perfect fiery food.  Ironically enough, the leader of this movement resides in Columbus, where he has spent the last fifteen-plus years perfecting America’s most awarded line of hot sauces and salsas.

Contrary to his last name, John Hard is one easy guy to get to know.  He has every reason to be a hotheaded snob (Hard has won every major hot sauce, salsa and hot food contest in the country), but he chooses to keep his nose level and his laughter loud.  Hard worked as a fire protection engineer for more than 30 years.  It was the family business, and it has kept him busy since the age of ten.  He now spends his days running his own company, CaJohns Fiery Foods, and the freedom he has to study habanero alchemy is refreshing. 

Currently, CaJohns offers over 120 different flavors of salsa, barbecue and hot sauces and has six in the works. “In ’97, my sales were $7,500,” Hard reminisces.  “Last year, we were more than $1 million. Some chileheads just want to try stupid-hot heat; others go for the endorphin rush.  I go for flavor with fire.”

One taste of Hard’s delicious products and you too will be moving right on up the heat scale.  No matter your personal taste, fancy or craving, this fiery food icon literally has it all. And if it’s Hard’s craft your company may be after, CaJohns is more than willing and able to create custom sauces for outside retail and service.

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