Faye Muncie - Perfect Taste

“To really learn about wine, you have to taste it.”  This sage advice comes courtesy of Faye Muncie, local wine guru and co-owner of Haus Frau Haven wine shop in German Village.  And for anyone who’s had the pleasure of her company, whether she’s suggesting an appropriate wine pairing with dinner or sharing trivia about the pinot noir grape at a private tasting, it’s clear she means it.  “Sometimes people will read Wine Spectator and buy something that someone else says is good,” says Muncie.  “I say trust your own palate and your own instincts instead.”

Muncie, who also owns Faze, a trendy women’s boutique in Upper Arlington’s Lane Avenue Shopping Center, was already a wine lover when she purchased Haus Frau Haven several years ago.  Though wine was one of the many wares for the original ownership, it was far from their focus.  Almost immediately, Muncie changed that focus and wine became their showpiece, with complementary products like greeting cards and candles rounding out their inventory. 

For her private tastings, Muncie utilizes the shop’s refurbished basement, which has comfortably dark surroundings complete with latticework ceiling, oversized bar and smooth jazz music playing over the sound system.  And depending on whether she’s hosting a corporate party, or something more casual like a birthday or get-together among friends, Muncie asks her clients whether they prefer an informal cocktail-style experience or the more common formal tasting where people come to learn.  Depending on the desired atmosphere, arrangements can be made for bringing food or even having the event catered … but more often than not, clients rely on Muncie’s expertise and warm, approachable personality to make the evening a success.  

As she says with a smile and a delicious 2005 Newton Napa Valley Claret in hand, “I’m very blessed to make a living doing something I love so much.”