Alan Reuter - Custom Comfort

Alan Reuter has made a career out of excellence on multiple levels. For years, he worked for a national restaurant chain crisscrossing the country and analyzing every detail of its service to improve upon it. His title was literally Operations Excellence Leader, and the more you talk to him, the more you realize it was a way of life more than it was a job title for him. Then it is only naturally fitting that he chose to bring the Woodhouse Day Spa to Dublin as his next career venture, with his stamp of approval on it.

“When you go somewhere, you always have a certain level of expectation that you go in with,” says Reuter. “Most of the time, it would shift one way or the next, but whenever I went to the Woodhouse, they always went way over my level of expectation, and that doesn’t happen often.”

With a back injury combined with massive amounts of travel, Reuter would go to spas to sooth the strains that come with corporate life. So, when he decided it was important to be home every night with his family and do something locally, the Woodhouse was a no-brainer to bring to Dublin’s new BriHi Square development.

Just walking through the halls with the tall mahogany doors, low lighting and overall tranquil atmosphere can make your muscles ease in anticipation. From the aromatherapy rooms to the sitting rooms, every aspect is aimed at relaxation.

“There isn’t one room, angle or corner that hasn’t been discussed at length,” says Reuter. “I hate cookie cutters; it’s the little details that really make the difference.”

Every service, every product used or offered in the Woodhouse is the highest quality in the field. With 22 treatment rooms and two floors, everything is set up to handle a good amount of business, but still keep a low-profile feel. From the Vichy shower room to the concierge desk, Reuter is looking to blow you away.

“I tell my staff that three-syllable words are good here,” says Reuter. “Excellent, amazing are all acceptable. What I don’t want to hear is, “It was good.” That’s just not good, it’s just really bad.”

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