Dave Whinham - Rock of Ages

While growing up in Detroit as a child, Dave Whinham used to see brilliantly colored and artistic concert posters stuck to every pole or fence in the area for acts of the time. Kids would grab and hold onto them almost like collecting baseball cards. They’d trade an Alice Cooper for a Stooges poster, a Bob Seger for George Clinton. Whinham is still putting that collection together as he is trying to assemble the largest gallery of concert posters in the world for the newly dubbed venue, the Bluestone.

“It was a type of art that was really present back when I was growing up, but it kind of disappeared for awhile and now there’s this new resurgence of it out there,” says Whinham. “We’re trying to put together a gallery of posters from different venues and acts from all over the world.”

This is only one facet of the transition Whinham is trying to make from BoMA to the Bluestone. Whinham’s sports and entertainment group, the TEAM, is working to transition the Bluestone from a nightclub atmosphere to a new type of venue where each trip will be a personal experience – complete with its own event poster and unique ticket stub.

“We’re trying to create the kind of place where you come for the show, and stay for the party,” says Whinham. “What we’re trying to do is create more of an event, not just your average show.”

At the inaugural event for the Bluestone, Whinham brought in the group the Honey Brothers, which features star of HBO’s Entourage, Adrian Grenier, on guitar. He then brought in Marky Ramone, the lone surviving member of the Ramones, to play drums on a short set of Ramones classics. Whinham hopes to offer this kind of experience at every Bluestone show.
“If we tried to compete in Columbus as a mid-size concert venue, it just wouldn’t work,” says Whinham. “We have a second-to-none facility that can be almost anything we want it to be.”

For more information, go to www.liveatthebluestone.com