David & Denise Meyers - Dynamic Duo

It’s hard to imagine while looking at the five-unit apartment building on Norwich Avenue on North Campus that in the early part of the 20th century, inside, a man named Forest Bigelow quietly put his affairs in order and brutally murdered his whole family with an axe. It still stands, but probably most have forgotten the history of what happened there. The current tenant may not even know.
Columbus has as much of a dark history as the next city, but when it comes to crimes or brutal murders, most of it has been forgotten or glanced over. However, David Meyers and his daughter, Elise Meyers-Walker, have chronicled the most interesting and notable crimes in their new book Historic Columbus Crimes.
“The histories that have been written about Columbus tend to be very polite,” says Meyers. “I call them country club histories because they emphasize the accomplishments of the movers and shakers of the community-very little at all touches on crime.”
The book covers 16 cases from 1839 to 2005, many of which could easily be a subject of a horror movie. From grave robbing to mysterious incinerations in the family furnace, it paints a picture of Columbus that few can even imagine.
Talking to Meyers and his daughter Elise, you can get a sense of how much history means to them, specifically Columbus history. Both are proud Columbus residents who read and discover as much as they can locally and then compile and present the stories for anyone to read – minus the legwork.
“Yeah, we kind of write books that we wish existed,” says Elise. “We say, ‘You know, I’d really love to read a book on x. I can’t find it. I’m going to write it.”’
Most of the previous works of Meyers reflect his interests. He wrote a book with Elise on the history of central Ohio’s prisons, since he worked in corrections for 30 years. For more information, visit columbuscrimes.wordpress.com