Merle Stutzman - Dream Weaver

On a street lined with one dream house after the other in Delaware County, Merle Stutzman stands in a kitchen in front of the Amish-made custom cabinets, around the corner from the sliding barn doors that have become a signature of his company. As the president of the Weaver Custom Homes, he has overseen every niche of the house, from the wine cellar to the industrial-style bar set up in the basement. Years ago when he was a painter in Florida, he could never see himself at this job.

“I could have never imagined that I would have ended up running the day-to-day operations of a company like this,” says Stutzman, “I was raised Amish with only an eighth- grade education, but the Weavers gave me the opportunity to learn the business and work at it, and I owe that to where I am today.”

There seems to be an indelible link between Stutzman and Weaver Custom. His attitude, work ethic and pride in his work are reflected in all the aspects of his finished product. He may have started out with the company as a house painter, but it seems like when he looks at the plot of land and the people that he’s building for, he can almost start seeing the brushstrokes of possibility.

“It’s really the best part of the job to see the excitement that people have when they are sorting out the details and the picture starts coming together of what the home is going to be like,” says Stutzman. “With the group that we have, we always make it work for our customers.”

That much should be obvious, as the company that Stutzman stands in front of has been doing business for nearly 60 years in Wooster, but they have decided to bring their talents south to Columbus, participating in their second year at the BIA Parade of Homes. They’ve received an award for nearly every room or aspect that is judged, but it isn’t important to Stutzman.

“Awards are great and everything, but I just want to be able to help someone create their ideal home without cutting any corners,” says Stutzman.