Billy Brewster & Eric Hanscel - Fitting Fans

If it’s the words that line the wall of an NFL locker room or the motivational poster that’s hanging in the corner of an office building, its purpose is one in the same. It’s there to leave an imprint of a message that shouldn’t be forgotten. Billy Brewster and Eric Hanscel thought what better way to do that than have hundreds of walking reminders in t-shirts bearing motivational ideals and slogans through their newfound company Time and Change Clothiers. 

“Typically, these kinds of slogans are for just athletics,” says Brewster. “When we started Time and Change, we wanted to create sayings that could apply to someone sitting behind a desk in an office or someone training for a marathon. We wanted it to be a lifestyle brand.” 

Brewster and Hanscel saw what kind of power that strong words could impose on a group while they met through their rabid fandom of Ohio State Football. Hanscel, who doesn’t miss home games, and makes most away games, started bringing out a sign in the stands that read “Silence the Doubters” a campaign that was adopted by a lot of the fans and some members of the team, including Brewster’s little brother OSU center Michael Brewster. 

“We really saw through the impact that “silence the doubters” had, that there was a place for this kind of thing somewhere,” says Hanscel. “We realized we could do this through Time and Change and it’s really taken off.” 

Just staring this summer they’ve been swamped with orders due mostly to their efforts spreading the word through social media and getting their concept behind Time and Change out. They have shirts that have taglines like “Shock the World” and “Rise ‘N Grind” scrolling across the front to the wearer and everyone around them.

“Everyone has some kind of adversity that they are facing in their life and we’re trying to create iconic sayings that people can relate to those challenges,” says Brewster. “If seeing that message on a Time and Change shirt helps them step towards overcoming that, then that’s awesome.”

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