Michael Rosen - Tall Tales

Growing up in a neighborhood surrounded by pasture in soon-to-be suburbia with a wealth of unexplored territory had its advantages. Michael Rosen set out on adventures laced with the imagination and spontaneity that could only be seen through the eyes of a child. His days were most likely filled with stories of battling monsters or looking for the secret hideout of the outlaw gang on the run from the law. It was a time when anything seemed possible. Unlike most people though, Rosen never completely lost that link to his childhood.

“I think as a young adult you need to give up your childish things,” says Rosen. “I think, though, as an older adult you recover your childish things. The things that gave you pleasure, I think continue to give you pleasure.” 

In Rosen’s case, this was playing music, creating art, walking dogs or hunting for wild mushrooms in the woods. More than anything though, it was tapping into his childhood imagination and getting back into telling stories like the ones he made up to entertain himself so many years ago. So, in a collection of more than a hundred published works, Rosen has authored tales about things like pumpkins coming to life on Halloween, a kid’s guide to raising a happy dog, a cookbook focusing on midnight snacking, and the spine to his writing, his works of poetry. 

“I am lucky in the fact that I was able to be in a profession that I could explore my passions and interests through writing,” says Rosen. “They just kind of fall out in front of me and I kind of steamroll over them.” 

One would have to imagine the desk where Rosen sits to crank out manuscripts is covered with stacks and stacks of works in progress. With myriad interests and no less than four books coming out in the fall, including his first book of the pop-up variety called “Chanukah Lights,” he doesn’t seem to rest on his laurels often.

“I think my background of being around kids so much has allowed me to know what might pique their interests,” says Rosen. “There’s a subtlety and balance to writing for children that most people don’t realize.”

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