Andy Katzenmoyer - Hard Results

It doesn’t take much more than a quick search of Andy Katzenmoyer’s name on YouTube to refresh any Ohio State University fanatic’s memory of the devastating types of hits that came with regularity against the opposition while he was occupying the middle linebacker slot at the Shoe. The intensity and drive in the way he played the game lead to his outstanding college career and being picked in the first round of the NFL draft. Even though his playing days are behind him due to injury, he still approaches life with the same credo he showcased on the field. 

“When I was playing, I always dedicated myself to be the best of the best at what I was doing,” says Katzenmoyer. “I try to be the best at what I’m doing in every aspect of life, and I try to pass that attitude on to my clients.”
Now armed with one degree from Otterbein University in Health and Sport Sciences and plans on getting another from Ohio State, Katzenmoyer spends his days training at his gym, Katzenmoyer Performance, in Westerville. His post-football life led him to the inside of the gym, where his spent so much time trying to push himself to be more than what he was, and now he hopes to do the same for others.
“I work with everyone from housewives to CEOs to high school football players,” says Katzenmoyer, “It’s a different situation for everyone, but they are all trying to get to that next level, and I like putting together the plans to help them achieve that.” 

While learning most of what it takes to be a successful personal trainer came outside of the Ohio State weight room, it gave him the insight to see what it takes to be a success at such a high level, and multiple strength and conditioning coaches gave him an idea of what it was to work from the other side of the bench press. He keeps up on the fitness world reading studies and getting various insights from athletes and coaches he used to play with and for.

“Most days I wake up at 5 a.m. ready and excited to get going at the gym,” says Katzenmoyer. “Every person is a challenge that I want to take on. I can genuinely say that I love doing this.” 

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