Greg Hund - Cuttin’ it Up

There is something about the aesthetic appeal and feeling of a real barbershop that struck a chord with Greg Hund. He saw all of the white cabinetry, stories behind the trophies on the walls and smiles on the faces of customers as they exited over their new cuts. He was intrigued by it so much that he left  a life in Manhattan owning two business franchises to change his life by opening the Blue Star Barbershop right here in Columbus.

“There’s just something about being a barber that makes it a cool job,” says Hund. “I went to barber college and learned how to cut hair. I’m much more on the business side of things, but I thought that it was important for me to know the trade.”

Right down to its name, a brand of razors from the ’50s, Hund tried to instill everything in his business he could and that made a classic barbershop just that, classic. He went to the length of traveling around the country to some of the oldest and most famous barbershops in cities like New Orleans and Chicago to try and pick the pieces and little details and transplant them to Blue Star.

“There are some things that you kind of noticed across the board that they have at those types of shops,” says Hund. “There’s a lot of white cabinets and ceiling, there’s tiles, full mirrors and the waiting chairs always face the barber chairs. I think that all these little things really give it that feel.”

The result of his tour is the missing link between a barbershop and a salon, where you can depend on the staff to cut your hair in more than one style, but who are also used to doing only men’s cuts. There are deer heads and mounted fish on the wall, but there’s also a computer to use while you wait. Hund has created a blend of classic Americana to fit in with modern needs, all while giving killer haircuts with classic rock playing as the soundtrack.

“There’s just such a difference when you get a hair cut from a place that truly specializes in men’s cuts,” says Hund. “There’s just a crispness and a tightness that you get from a place like Blue Star that you can’t get at salons.” For more information on Greg Hund and his barbershop, go to