Brian Taylor - Fit for Life

While watching a group of housewives doing the standard run-on-the-treadmill and lift-five-pound-weights type of workout they had become accustomed to, Brian Taylor saw a window of opportunity to push them all to a new level. Like any good trainer, Taylor is always looking for ways to push and motivate people to reach the next plateau, and what he saw was a group of capable women deserving a lot more than literally and figuratively running in place.

"I started getting these women together in the morning to do a higher level training as a group," says Taylor. "I took the cross fit style of training that a lot of guys are doing now and used it to push them, and they push each other. You can’t argue with the results."

Taylor, one of the most successful Lifetime Fitness trainers in the region, turned his passion and interest into a profession after he took on training in college to make a couple of extra dollars. Years later, he decided that life in a cubicle wasn’t for him and stuck to doing something he could imagine getting up for every day. Whether he is training large groups or an individual client, most people who take him on as a trainer know what they’re in for.
"I’ve kind of developed the reputation of being a guy people come to when they want to do something a little more advanced," says Taylor. "I think people know that I’m going to kick their ass, and I want to make damn sure that after the workout, they know they couldn’t have done it without me pushing them."

Taylor sees the culture of a gym changing, and the gradual disappearance of the muscle-bound meatheads being replaced by health-conscious professionals looking for more energy and better quality of life. Working out in a gym has become more about how good you feel than how much you can bench.

"I see all these muscle-bound guys, but put them on a treadmill and they wouldn’t last ten minutes," says Taylor. "You can’t call that being in shape, and I think people are looking for something more than that now."

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