Kristen Sharp - Beautiful Game

When Kristen "K.B." Sharp started playing basketball with her brothers on the streets of East Columbus, the thought of dribbling in as famous of a building as Madison Square Garden was only a distant dream. She played until she ran out of daylight, tried to emulate her favorite player Magic Johnson and did anything to make herself and her teammates stay ahead in the win column. This kind of drive and passion for the game of basketball lead her from Bexley High School to the Big Apple.

"I'd never even been to New York City before I got drafted by the Liberty," says Sharp. "It was crazy playing and living in this big city all of a sudden; it was amazing, especially getting to play in a building like Madison Square Garden every game."

Taken in the 2003 WNBA draft after playing overseas and at the University of Cincinnati, Sharp stuck with the league for multiple years with a tendency to take more pleasure out of being an integral part of starting a nice play than making a jump shot. An added benefit to playing basketball for a living was the experience of going overseas to places like France and Russia to play while taking breaks from WNBA seasons. Sharp is currently playing in a French league again after forgoing the season with her last WNBA team, the Chicago Sky, mostly to lengthen her career altogether.

"You know, I have some time left to keep playing professionally, and I’d just been playing so much, it was kind of wearing on me a little," says Sharp. "So I took a year off from the WNBA and focused on training here in Columbus before I head back over to France to play."

Her schedule for training pretty much keeps her busy for the majority of her time in Columbus. Running every day, weightlifting, and practicing her shot for hours has made training her full-time job while in town. She may speak fluent French, have lived in some of the world’s largest cities and be one of the most skilled female basketball players to ever come out of the state, but she always comes back to Columbus in the off-season.

"I have a place in Berwick that I always come back to when I can," says Sharp. "It’s great to play around the world, but this is home and I always make it back."

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