Erin Morrow - No Mistakes

Ever since she was a little girl, Erin Morrow attempted jumping long gaps, took on big spills, scraped knees in stride and basically did anything that seemed just dangerous enough to keep her from a long hospital stay. This was all in preparation for her future career as a stunt double, which, after a move to Los Angeles and some intense training, became a reality.  A couple years of falling off buildings and doing other things too dangerous to risk an actor’s health led her to the realization that her passion for training and the methods she had developed were pointing her to the next logical career path.

“I was always into everything and anything physical,” says Morrow. “I immersed myself in all kinds of training to try and keep myself from injury as a stunt double, and I realized that I could put that to use helping people.” 

In 2006, a couple of years after moving back to Ohio, Morrow put everything she had learned into a personal training regimen focused on comprehensive assessment of each individual’s needs. Power Flex, the term she coined for this regimen, was born and she started training everyone from athletes to desk jockeys for better living.  After five years, her client list varies from individuals trying to reach a weight goal to corporations looking to help set their employees on a road to better health.

“We aren’t the picture of a typical personal training group,” says Morrow. “Power Flex, especially in the last couple years, has developed nutritional and scientific aspects to really cater to what each and every individual needs.” 

Morrow preaches education and pre-habilitation as the keys to solving the nation’s health concerns, which aren’t just plaguing the middle-aged couch potato anymore as childhood obesity is becoming a staple of life in the states. 

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