Charlie Alleman - Knuckles Up

A couple years ago, Charlie Alleman was stuck in an office job with a big corporation fixing hopeless people’s computers inside a beige-walled, cubicle-filled office hoping he could start his own fight club in the basement to keep him from losing it. He had packed on the pounds since his introduction to the office chair and felt like hitting something or someone every day. So he did. When the first Title Boxing Club opened up in Columbus, he reconnected with his martial arts roots he had from childhood and took out that energy on a punching bag – with some assistance. 

“It’s really kind of a badass way of working out,” says Alleman. “You get to come in here and wrap your hands up and put the gloves on and hit something.”

After getting acquainted with the art of boxing, Alleman lost tons of weight and was in the best shape of his life. He decided that IT wasn’t for him anymore, and he jumped at the chance to manage the subsequent expansions of Title Boxing Club in the Columbus area. Now managing the New Albany location, he watches people perform their own best impression of a Rocky training montage every day in the gym; each person has their own personal Ivan Drago that they are punching relentlessly, making them stronger with every hit.

“It’s funny, we do get a lot of people in here who pretend the bag is their boss or their boyfriend,” says Alleman. “It gives people a chance to take that stress and put it somewhere that will help them shape up.” 
Alleman points out that while the club is quiet at the moment, at the most active part of the day, the 50 or so punching bags are in full swing while a professional boxer runs the class through their workout. The club makes it a point to get real boxers to educate the mostly novice group of aspiring pugilists in the fine arts of sparring and shadowboxing. 

As most at the club would point out, you never really see a fat boxer, so training like a boxer could only be an ideal way of getting into shape. Of course, the only byproduct that could come out of it besides getting into shape might be a mean right hook. 

“When I was in IT, it was just a boring job that I didn’t really feel like I made a difference in,” says Alleman, “It’s really great for me to see people progress and get where they want to be. It makes me feel like I’m doing something for someone.” 

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