Wade Kirk - In Full Supply

Walking into the jar-filled-shelf domain of Wade Kirk can be a little overwhelming at first. Jars of supplements in everything from gallons to Advil-sized containers are emblazoned with promises of what wonders the contents inside could do for the human body. Parked next to them are words that sound like they should be listed in the index of a biology or chemistry textbook. If you walked in off the street with no knowledge of what would best fit your needs, you might just walk out embarrassed or get something to cover up your misinformation. If you are one of these people, Kirk opened up Supzilla just for you.

“When I was in high school and working out in the gym, I never really used any kind of supplements simply because nobody around me really knew how to properly use them,” says Kirk. “None of my coaches or teachers really knew much about them until I went to college and started learning what the real benefits could be.” 

Kirk went to school to get a degree in sports management but also took an interest in personal training, which is where he got his start passing on the fitness know-how he had attained. Kirk realized that if he had known how to maximize supplements, there was no telling what achievements he could have realized. This led to him opening up his first Supzilla store in Heath, followed by stores in Westerville and Powell. 

“When my professors and coaches showed me how much supplements can help the body if you know what you’re doing, it was kind of eye opening,” says Kirk. “I think they are almost even more essential in the way we eat now that we just don’t get a lot of the nutrients that the body needs to thrive on.” 

Just by looking at Kirk, you can tell that he practices what he preaches and welcomes any information he can about what you need and how to use it. He does it with an enthusiasm and honesty that makes you forget there was ever an absent-minded teenager behind the desk at a nutrition store who could have been giving you advice before. 

Kirk knows the difference between what’s quality and what’s not, what will help you and what won’t. He’s really been in the business of making people feel better since personal training and opening his Supzilla stores. 

“You don’t have to be a bodybuilder for supplements to make a difference in your life,” says Kirk. “I’ve had people be able to do things like go up a flight of stairs without getting winded or stop getting migraines; it’s amazing what a small amount of nutrients can do.”